New feature in Instagram DMs: Share your chat activity

New feature in Instagram DMs: Share your chat activity
New feature in Instagram DMs: Share your chat activity

So far, Instagram users can only share in the DMs whether they are currently online – but not what exactly they are spending their time with. A new feature could soon change that.

Instagram has all sorts of updates ready for users this month – including the brand new Reposts tab for resharing in the feed, which is now available for the first users as part of a test. In addition, the platform has launched a new guide, How to build effective Reels ads. Another feature that is currently in the starting blocks concerns Instagram DMs: Users may soon be able to share their current chat activity here.

View reels in chat and share other activities

App researcher Hammod Oh shares a screenshot of the new feature on Twitter. This shows that users can activate the “Share your chat activity” option in the chat settings. This allows users to let their chat partners know what activity they are currently doing – for example, watching reels. There is no concrete information about the feature yet. However, it can be assumed that the option is limited to activities within the chat – such as viewing a reel that was last sent to the user.

The “Share your chat activity” feature is the third and most detailed option to date to share your activity status with other users. Instagram users can already see when their contacts are online on the platform. The prerequisite for being able to see the status of friends and other chat partners is that you have activated the display of the activity status yourself. It is also possible to see when a person is active in the same chat, as long as both users have the feature enabled.

Also new in the DMs: shop functions, emoji bar and new category

The new activity status is not the only update for the Instagram DMs: In July 2022, the platform launched numerous shopping functions with which direct messages can be converted into a customer service tool. In addition, the platform plans to release the option to respond to DMs with different emojis for all users soon. A new folder category for business accounts also provides a better overview. WhatsApp is also currently testing an exciting new feature for the chat area.

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