Blue ring on WhatsApp? That means the new function

Blue ring on WhatsApp? That means the new function
Blue ring on WhatsApp? That means the new function

WhatsApp has released a new feature. Users report a blue circle around profile pictures. That’s behind it.

The WhatsApp developers have released a new feature for their Messenger. On the Internet, users report a blue circle around their contacts in the chat area. This function is already known from Instagram and Facebook: the circle shows that the contact has published a new status.

According to user reports, users can see the blue circle in the chat area of ​​the messenger. It is displayed around the contact’s profile picture and means that the WhatsApp user has not yet seen the status of this contact.

WhatsApp displays status updates in a separate window. The area can be accessed via the “Status” tab at the bottom left. All currently published status updates of the contacts can be seen there. This can be text, images or videos.

Facebook and Snapchat also use circles as symbols

The circle is known from other platforms as a notification icon. On Facebook, which like WhatsApp belongs to the meta group, the circles are also blue. Instagram uses colored rings to indicate new status updates. And at competitor Snapchat, the circles are purple.

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