Swiss Ski provides update on Mauro Caviezel’s injury – Alpine skiing

Mauro Caviezel had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter after his violent crash. © ANSA / Nick Didlick

After Mauro Caviezel’s serious fall at the Super-G in Lake Louise, the Swiss Ski Association has given an update on the speed specialist’s injury. The 34-year-old Swiss had hit his head on the slope and remained dazed.

November 28, 2022

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After his fall during Super-G training in Garmisch-Patenkirchen in January of the past season, where Caviezel suffered a severe concussion and an injury to the lateral ligament in his left knee, he made his comeback at the weekend.

At the Super-G on Sunday, the Swiss fell heavily again and lay unconscious in the snow. Even though he was able to get up on his own at the scene of the accident, the consequences of the fall were clearly visible. Caviezel was taken to the hospital by helicopter.

On Monday morning, the Swiss Ski Association published a statement on the health of the 2019/20 overall Super-G winner.

SwissSki on Mauro Caviezel’s state of health. © Martin Taschler / Swiss Ski


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