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Double murder: mother and daughter dead, manhunt for companions

Double murder: mother and daughter dead, manhunt for companions
Double murder: mother and daughter dead, manhunt for companions

Two women died in a homicide on Thursday. A 32-year-old and her 15-year-old daughter were found dead in their apartment in Vienna-Mariahilf. On Friday afternoon, an autopsy revealed third-party debt, said police spokeswoman Irina Steirer. For reasons of investigation tactics, there was initially no information on the cause of death.

After a report on “” that the two victims were suffocated or strangled, police spokeswoman Irina Steireraber confirmed that the death was caused by external influence on the neck. The investigations were already in full swing before the autopsy result, because according to the police, the finding situation indicated a crime. According to “”, the bodies were in the bedroom, which was locked. Now the mother’s partner is being searched for, confirmed police spokesman Markus Dittrich of the APA.

Police “investigating at full speed”

Apartment door was open

A doctor called the police on Thursday around 5:15 p.m. because the woman’s other children – two boys aged seven and nine – had come to her surgery alone, the executive said on Friday. The doctor first tried to reach the mother, which was unsuccessful. The police officers from the Tauber-Stummengasse Inspection then picked up the children and drove them home to Mollardgasse.

Officers found the front door open. “They went into the apartment and didn’t see anyone at first. They found the two bodies in a room whose door was closed,” said Dittrich. According to “” information from investigators, the dead were lying in bed in the darkened room, lifeless and lying on their stomachs. The emergency doctor could only have determined the death of the mother, a Hungarian, and daughter. The Vienna State Criminal Police Office took over the further investigations. “The coroner was at the scene of the crime that night,” said Dittrich.

The two boys were first taken to a police inspection and are now being looked after by a crisis intervention team. The more detailed circumstances, in particular who is responsible for the death of the two women, is now the subject of ongoing investigations.

Search for companions

The partner is said to be a 49-year-old Tunisian. The online article said he was visiting the night before. When the boys woke up in the morning, the man was already gone. The officials could not have found the man at his home address – now they are looking for him.

Number of femicides increases

According to the APA census, the two women are the 22nd and 23rd suspected killings of a woman in Austria this year. Before that, 13 suspected femicides had been committed by (ex-)partners. Eight other women were killed this year, two by their sons. In another case, the son is considered a suspect and is still being sought. Two women were killed by other women, three by unrelated people. In addition, a six-year-old girl died at the hands of her father, who then committed suicide.

“It’s just more despairing,” complained Klaudia Frieben, chairwoman of the Austrian women’s association, in a broadcast. The organization fears that “again there will be no political consequences” after these acts. An immediate and permanent crisis management team against violence against women would be necessary – in the form of necessary and sufficient funds for the full implementation of the Istanbul Convention. Specifically, this would be 228 million euros per year and 3,000 jobs in prevention. That would be a good basis for being able to take extensive and holistic measures, it said in a broadcast.

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Social Affairs Minister Johannes Rauch (Greens) referred to efforts to prevent male violence. “In Austria we have a devastating, deadly problem with violence in partnership. Women are killed because they are women. It’s often about ‘possession’, about men being undervalued compared to women. That has to stop at last.” You have to start directly with the potential perpetrators in order to protect women and children from male violence. “Men in particular are called upon to actively take responsibility and intervene as soon as they witness violence. Men do not have the right to decide about a woman’s life,” emphasized the department head.

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