“Miss You”: Did Robin Schulz steal from the Berlin newcomer Southstar?

Covering a song or remixing it is one thing, but copying it 1 to 1 is an absolute no go! But that is exactly what is currently happening in the German music industry. The two people involved: Berlin newcomer Southstar and DJ and producer Robin Schulz.

Who is Southstar?

Leon Kirschnek aka Southstar comes from Berlin-Kreuzberg and has been releasing music regularly for just under a year. While its first two EPs sounded mostly like obscure lo-fi house, Southstar has really picked up the pace. The tracks on his latest EP “Matrix” are driving, distorted dancefloor-breakers – including a remix of the Empire of the Sun hit “We Are The People”.

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Southstar’s biggest hit to date came recently with “Miss You,” a song he borrowed from Oliver Tree’s “Jerk.” Where the original still sounds like a mixture of grunge and modern trap, Southstar turns it into a high-tempo techno number with everything that goes with it: resounding cymbals, happy piano chords and of course a fat bassline based on a trance model.

“Robin Schulz stole my song”

But now this: Yesterday the German DJ and producer Robin Schulz – according to the credits on Spotify together with Oliver Tree – released his new single “Miss You”, which not only has the same name as the Southstar song, but also sounds almost identical. Only the drums and individual beat elements were exchanged.


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“Robin Schulz stole my song ‘Miss You’ that I dropped more than 1 month ago!”, Southstar writes yesterday in his Instagram story and is dismayed by the events. That Robin Schulz is a fan of the track was shown this summer when he prominently placed Southstar’s “Miss You” in some of his DJ sets. Did Robin Schulz simply steal the track and publish it himself?

The bubble reacts

At least the German-speaking music scene agrees on the answer here. Artists such as Verified, Paula Hartmann and Bausa show their solidarity on Instagram and share their frustration with what is happening to draw attention to the fact that Southstar’s copyrights have apparently been violated here. Or to put it in the words of Ski Aggu: “Berlin ban for Robin Schulz!”

Whether and to what extent unsuccessful agreements between the two labels of Robin Schulz and Southstar can be to blame for a misunderstanding is of course unclear. Because label politics can sometimes be very complex. However, it is more than questionable when at the end there is an artist who has the feeling that his/her song was stolen.

Also, Oliver Tree’s sample involves a third party, which complicates things and likely makes legal action more difficult. Instead, Southstar strikes back with his own guns, activating his music bubble and spreading the word about the scandal like a guerrilla fighter. Now it remains to be seen how far this social media wildfire will travel and whether there will be further consequences. By the way, Robin Schulz has not yet commented on the allegations. Also striking: So far, the platinum DJ has not yet advertised his new song on his channels.

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